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Yoga  At SoCal - Instructors

Ava Ene

Lisa Long

Lisa L-portrait.jpg

Lisa Long

- Lisa likes to say “yoga found her,” as she ended up in a yoga class because of a last minute schedule
change. She left class with a sense of peace, clarity and satisfaction she had never received from any
other “work out” class she had ever attended. She was hooked from that day on!
- Also certified in Hot Fusion, Level 2 Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Sculpt sequences and Yin Yoga. She loves all things yoga and continues to read, research, and attend workshops to further her knowledge as an instructor. She is also dedicated to her own personal
practice so you just might spot her on the mat next to yours the next time you take class.
- Lisa’s favorite thing about yoga, is that the more you practice the more you learn, not only about yoga,
but also about yourself. Yoga is a means to reset physically, mentally and emotionally on a daily basis,
without fear or judgement, as you allow growth in your own life. Simply roll out your mat and be open
to what your practice brings.


Sally Najou
E-RYT 500 

Sally discovered yoga back in 1999, recovering from a back injury. After just a few months, she noticed all the good physical and emotional changes she was experiencing, so she made It her mission to help others. Her classes combine both strength and mobility work in a dynamic, vinyasa flow style. She is honored to teach yoga, helping to bring balance, awareness, health and happiness into other’s lives. 


April Taylor
E-RYT 500

April Taylor believes yoga is an exploration, an adventure that is always evolving and changing, just like your mind and body. “I have always loved the art of movement as a dancer and beyond grateful having incorporated yoga into my life. Yoga has been life-enhancing and I have enjoyed studying many different styles of yoga.” April enjoys teaching alignment, relaxation and acceptance in a fun and non-judgemental environment. With

over 15 years of experience, April has enjoyed the adaptability of yoga and the skill to redirect focus from the physical postures using breath and imagery. Navigating your personal edge, allowing yourself grace to push or permission to back off is part of each individual’s exploration of yoga. April enjoys a lot of laughing, time with family, friends, traveling, leading yoga retreats, guiding, healing & awakening through yoga. April is always down to take African dance or belly dance classes! April has a Bachelor of Science in Business and is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in School and Clinical Counseling.




Heather Mora

Heather lives this amazing blessed life and loves her community. She has been in Murrieta since 2000 a transplant from North San Diego. She loves all things yoga, practicing, reading, sharing and teaching. She would say this is her passion. She has been teaching yoga since 2016, and has had a regular yoga practice for about 8 years. She did her 200-hour yoga teacher training/certification at Core Power Encinitas; after she completed that , she continued on with them doing another 100 hour certification. In addition, she has completed certifications for Sculpt and Hot Fusion. Her teaching style is alignment based with focus on breathe awareness and developing strength.

She loves music and feels it is a key component in setting the stage to not only enjoy your practice but to feel connected to it. She wants her students to love and look forward to getting on their mat. Yoga to her is never
competitive but rather a tool to offer balance in your life. She hopes her students always feel that this is a safe place free of judgement, to push yourself beyond what you think is possible but also to show yourself grace when needed. She is here to support and guide them through their practice. Yoga is a mind, body and spirit unification, a community of people that truly support one another and place we grow together. She is truly grateful to be here to guide and to learn from them!



Meg Boulware

Meg's love for yoga began about 6 years ago. Being able to connect with something that not only move her body but her mind and soul was a game changer. With a background in dance she has always been drawn to moving the body, creating shapes, and always fascinated with human anatomy. After completing her 500 RYT, she knew she wanted to sprinkle that yoga magic and help guide others on their yoga journey. Her intentions for her fellow yogis is to know they have a place they can come to move and breathe on their mat without judgment hopefully feeling a little lighter in body and mind. @meg_a_yogi

Kyra Thompson

Kyra loves to sweat! She believes in training and conditioning as a tool to

lift her spirit, grow, and support her Life as a wife and mother of four children! She thrives when sharing fitness with others and being surrounded by people working passionately towards a goal. Kyra loves a good throwback playlist and delivers a hearty riding challenge with a wink and a smile! She is a certified rhythm-based indoor cycling and also holds certifications to lead classes in mat pilates and strength training.  Follow her on instagram @katmthompson

Kyra-yoga portrait.jpg

Daniella Ross

Yared is originally from the Island of Puerto Rico. She moved to the United States in 2001 to pursue post grad studies in Counseling. In 2010, she traveled to Nashik, India to obtain

her Teaching Training Certification in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga after feeling the need to step away from

the worldly affairs. During this time

she gained a better understanding of her true self and inner freedom. She has been teaching Yoga since then. She loves traveling, cultures, food

and learning from her two children.

Yared Tores

Dani is super excited to join Fitness At SoCal family, she has been a group fitness instructor in our valley for over 26 years. She holds a national certification with AFAA and HCI for health and life coaching and 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certificate.  She enjoys teaching several formats such as barre, cycle, yoga sculpt , boot camp and piyo. Fitness has been a huge part of her mind body soul healing journey and she is passionate about teaching others how to incorporate it into their journey as well. She loves to put the FUN in Fitness! When she's not motivating you to sweat, laugh and work hard to be the best version of yourself she is out hiking with friends, going to the beach or hanging out with her family of 4 boys, hubby and 2 dogs.

Tina portrait 1.jpg

Tina Cantrell

Tina has been in the fitness industry for almost 20 years, she is certified in personal training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She has since obtained additional certifications as a weight loss specialist, senior fitness specialist, and in corrective exercise training. To mix things up she began instructing group classes and developed a strong passion for teaching different formats like Cardio Kick boxing, Zumba, spin, silver sneakers, aqua fitness, Barre, Bootcamp, and barbell conditioning. She also has her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certificate. Tina loves working in fitness because of the personal connections she gets to make, and all the positive changes she gets to experience with members and friends on their fitness journeys. When Tina is not at work she loves spending time with her family going on trips and traveling. Tina also loves staying active outdoors and constantly trying new things.  Follow her @tina_cantrellcpt

Markie 2.jpg

Markie Roberts

Markie has been practicing yoga for nine years, delving deep into study

at a YTT in Joshua Tree during the pandemic. Her teaching is mindful; weaving in healing arts & holistic practices such as Reiki, astrology, pranayama & elemental energies. Markie’s warmth fosters diversity, inviting everyone to engage their

core self by centering one's breath & honoring each individual's personal practice. When she’s not on the

mat, she’s pursuing a lifestyle of natural living, jewelry making, & preserving moments with family.

Living her life hand in hand with her husband & the leashes of their adventurous dogs, she continues to strive to be a better version of

herself every day. Follow her on instagram: @druzybones

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