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Ava Ene

Lisa Long

Lisa Long

My favorite thing about yoga, is the more I practice the more I learn, not
only about yoga, but also about myself. Yoga is a means to reset physically, mentally and
emotionally on a daily
basis, without fear or judgement, as you allow growth in your life. Simply roll out your
mat and let go.

Ava E.

"We are more than our experiences, traumas, and ailments, we are intellectual, physical, and spiritual beings that have gone through countless trials to improve ourselves and help others!"


   I feel blessed everyday to be alive.  My mother had Leukemia when she was pregnant with me and had to deliver a month early.  This encouraged me at a young age to make the best of everyday with no promise of tomorrow. 


Yoga has completely shifted my mindset. I want to be able to spread my love for the practice and its benefits that is why I decided to get my 200 hr teaching certification. My style is more Hatha, however, I hope to keep expanding my knowledge in order to help others. 

Heather Mora

Lisa Block

I married military so I got to travel and move around quite a bit, unfortunately the marriage fell apart and that’s what brought me to yoga. I started healing from the inside out, I began a great journey with myself. The Yoga Practice had brought so much peace into my life, I developed the desire to teach others and bring this value to others lives.

Missey Domiano

I hold many certifications including an  AFAA Group Exercise certification, NETA Personal training certification, Pilates and Barre Certifications.
My passion is helping participants reach their goals and realizing that they are stronger than they give themselves credit for.

Monica Lyons

My classes will challenge you, while moving you safely through a 60-75 minute class. Come stretch. Come work. Come breath. Come play. See you all soon.


I am excited to share my knowledge of the body and love of all things Yoga, dance and movement with you! When I am not teaching or taking yoga, I can be found at Disneyland with my  three kids, Frankie, Jaxson and baby Rhett!


I traveled to Nashik, India to obtain my Teaching Training Certification in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga after feeling the need to step away from the worldly affairs.  During this time I gained a better understanding of my true self and inner freedom. I have been teaching Yoga since then. 

I am filled with energy and ready to jump into anything I am offered at least once.  I smile as often as possible and hope you catch it.  I teach Hatha flow yoga with a big focus on breath to movement.

Dani is super excited to join Fitness At SoCal family, she has been a group fitness instructor in our valley for 26 years. She holds a national certification with AFAA and HCI for health and life coaching. She enjoys teaching several formats such as barre, cycle, yoga sculpt , boot camp and piyo. Fitness has been a huge part of her mind body soul healing journey and she is passionate about teaching others how to incorporate it into their journey as well. .
She loves to put the FUN in Fitness!
When shes not motivating you to sweat, laugh and work hard to be the best version of yourself she is out hiking with friends, going to the beach or hanging out with her family of 4 boys, hubby and 2 dogs.

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Jennifer Sproha

Daniella Ross